We have a lap pool which is 22 feet long. Lots of room for dogs to get the most out of each session.

Our pool is heated and is treated with UV and Ozone so very minimal chlorine is used, keeping the water fresh.

Come winter time the pool in enclosed in a sun room to keep the water heated, but still enjoy the natural light and feeling of swimming outside!

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Aqua Den is a sister company to Canine Adventure Den Daycare.

Vancouver's largest and only 24 hour daycare is excited to offer this service and working with our water therapist Shanelle & Marta at All Paws Massage.

Adventure Den has been operating in Vancouver since 2010. We love to provide our city dogs with the best possible daycare and socialization. Enjoying over 5,000sq ft of out door space and now to have a lap pool for therapy and fun!

Our Pool


Our therapist

The Swimming Pool will be open for sessions 2016. We are very excited to offer this to our clients along with All Paws Massage.

Shanelle is a certified Pet Water Therapist as well as a certified veterinary assistant. She has worked with animals for many years.

Shanelle will be working along side Marta at All Paw Pet Massage who will be offering massage sessions to help with pets rehabilitation. As well as Jo at Fido Fit for strength and conditioning.

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Aqua Den Water Therapy for Dogs
650 Industrial Ave, Vancouver