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Aqua Den Water Therapy for Dogs
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Conditions that may benefit Include:

Joint injury/lameness
Hip/elbow dysplasia
Spinal injuries
Mobility problems
Circulatory problems
Arthritic conditions
Chronic pain
Pre surgery

Warm water therapy may be perfect for:

Loosening up tight muscles
Increasing circulation
Decreasing swelling
Increasing endurance
Increasing flexibility
Increasing range of motion
Increasing balance and coordination
Increases body awareness
Increasing muscle strength
Relaxing and therapeutic to the soul

Benefits & Conditions

As is the case with humans, water therapy is incredibly beneficial for pet rehabilitation. Our pool provides us with the perfect environment to exercise patients. Due to water resistance, a 15- to 20-minute session is comparable to a fast run outdoors, but without the negative impact on the joints. Pets use a variety of muscle groups in the water, therefore giving them a more well-rounded, complete workout that they would receive from a run outdoors. Additionally, swimming helps to relax tight muscles and release endorphins. Endorphins are a natural pain killer and they stimulate the release of serotonin. Put simply, swimming tends to make pets happy.

Water therapy is ideal for pets recovering from surgery, older pets with arthritis or mobility issues, and dogs with most types of paralysis. However, the benefits of full body conditioning through swimming make it a valid therapy for any pet.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for every pet, regardless of their age and health status. As a rehabilitation modality, it is particularly beneficial for pets with arthritis, for those who are recovering from orthopedic surgery, pets with neurologic disorders, geriatric pets and overweight pets. However, swimming is also great for young healthy dogs who enjoy a fun way for exercise and conditioning.


Our rehabilitation specialist will evaluate your dog's post surgical condition, including a thorough analysis of your pet’s gait, limb circumference, range of motion, and balance testing, to prepare a customized treatment plan for your dog. You may ask your vet for a prescription to us and have the chance of coverage under your Pet Insurance provider. Each insurance company is different so call them to ask what your policy is.

Dogs that Benefit from Swimming:

All Dogs Young and Old
Agility Dogs
Show Dogs
Family Dogs
Great for Winter Season Exercise
Working Dogs
Surgery Dogs
Emotional Healing
Keep your dog fit and trim